Roku-Photoview/link – Activate PhotoView for Google Photos in the USA

Roku-Photoview/link: This app allows you to browse, and view photos and videos from your Google Photo account through the Roku device. Check the entire Google album with a single click of a slide show. Use this Roku-photoview/link to enter the link code that appears on your device.

Follow step by step instructions to activate Roku-photoview /link:

1.Start with Google Albums

  • On your Android device, visit the “Google Play Store” and download the free app
  • Second, launch the app and sign in to your Google account
  • After that, provide the information you need and set up your account Now, go to the app and touch the “menu”
  • Touch the menu icon and go to “Settings”
  • Switch to activate the Backup and Sync button
  • The sync process will now begin
  • The sync process will now begin

2. Sync and backup

  • Backup service saves photo videos to the Google Album library.
  • On Android devices, access the Google Albums app.
  • Second, sign in to your Google account
  • After that, click on the menu icon on the left side of the Android screen
  • Third, select settings then touch the backup and sync options.
  • Open the Google Albums app and go to the account

3. Create a Roku account

  • First, create a Roku account to view Google Photos on Roku
  • Go to and choose to create an account
  • Enter full account creation details
  • Perform the bill you need to create your account you can then continue streaming

4. Play on Roku

  • Use this playback option on Roku to display photos, videos on the large screen of your Roku device

5. Use Play on Roku

  • First, access the Roku mobile app on an Android device or tablet Open Playback on Roku by selecting the Photos-icon in the navigation bar below the Roku mobile app
  • Second, select the photos or videos you want to share on the big screen to start streaming

6. Add and activate the Roku Photo View link

  • To add and view from Roku Google Photos, follow these steps first.
  • Visit the Roku Channel Store In the Find tab.
  • Type Photo View Next; check the billing details and the “Add Channels” option after linking apps and devices most importantly.
  • Enter the link code on the Roku photo view link.

The above-shown steps are enough to activate Roku-photoview/link manually. If problems pertain and you need instantaneous assistance by the experts- call Roku Customer Care Number for Roku Online Support.